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Colour -In Posters

Each GIANT Wildergorn poster depicts a scene from the strange and intriguing world of Wildergorn. The detail is so intricate that you will find yourself being drawn gradually, almost hypnotically, into this fascinating world.  The more discerning and careful you are with your colours, the more extraordinary will be the results.

A World

Wildergorn Colour-In Posters
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There's more than meets the eye to a Wildergorn poster. The immersive and calming effect of colouring in the world of Wildergorn has helped aid workers in war zones, actors waiting in the green-rooms of West-End theatres and patients convalescing in hospital. The greatest reward for us is to hear that Wildergorn has been much loved and enjoyed and that the posters are continuing to unite friends and families around the kitchen tables of the world.

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Colour by Donna Peters


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                                 Hi first off I would like to thank Jamie for the lovely personal greeting that came with the most intense, intricate and intriguing piece of art I’ve ever seen!!! It’s truly amazing.

I can't wait to start...the question I have is what pens do you recommend? I’ve just started colouring as a retired adult,  and where can I buy the book that I've seen advertised as the Book of Wildergorn ...I'm still looking around for an account of what the place of Wildergorn and its inhabitants are have certainly tapped into something truly creative and are a true innovator...many thanks, keep well, carry on !!! Xx 


Thanks Denise, I’ve attached the information about the Book of Wildergorn below - and it does contain some description of the mysterious goings on! The posters can be coloured with. pencils, watercolour, inks  - pretty much anything you like, but when it comes to pens we recommend  at the top end Copic, Spectrum Noir,  Prismacolor and Stabilo which are expensive but beautiful to use. Otherwise there are copious sets of pens to be found on Amazon, some of which are good, but best be guided by customer reviews.  Above all I would make sure to have the largest range of colours possible. There's nothing like reaching for the colour in your mind's eye, only to find that it's not in the tin!


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