The Book of Wildergorn

If you've ever wanted to escape to another world then now's the time! 

THE BOOK OF WILDERGORN brings together all of the scenes recorded by Jamie Courtier during his expeditions to Wildergorn, along with handwritten notes to explain the often mystifying goings -on. 

Are you ready to set out on your own voyage of discovery to capture the colours of the mysterious and mesmerising world of Wildergorn? 

The Book of Wildergorn
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THE BOOK OF WILDERGORN is a majestic sofa-friendly A3 size (17" x 14" approx.) and for ease of use, the silver wire binding allows it to fold right back on itself like a sketchbook.

With tough, gloss laminated covers, an inherent glorious red satin bookmark, and 30 colouring pages printed on a beautiful high quality card, the book is perfect for colouring with felt-tips, gel pens, brush pens, bottled inks and brushes, watercolours, coloured pencils or just about anything you like. 

Exquisitely printed and bound in England by Hartgraph in Amersham, the pages are double-sided and we have carefully tested and selected a beautiful 300gsm uncoated card which is thick enough to prevent most types of ink from bleeding through. To be on the safe side, we have included a blank page at the end of the book where markers can be tested before setting out in earnest.