The Pogs' Defence

Far out to sea across the Straits of Bune, on the south coast of Wildergorn, lie two islands.

The smaller, Pogland, a wooded hilly plateau flanked by sheer rocky cliffs and split into two at one end by a deep narrow gorge, is home to the Pogs. 

These small but sturdy, round-snouted band of creatures, live in comfortable summer tree houses and warm winter burrows and are normally found to be romping happily (and slightly absent-mindedly) around their island, foraging for  roots, nuts and fruits. 

Life is nearly perfect - there’s just one problem: the neighbours.

The second Island, close by, is inhabited by the small but warlike Skarks, their hearts as jagged as the mountains in which they live, and unlike the Pogs, the Skarks are a rule-bound race, living lives of strictly regimented routine. 

Since time immemorial the Skarks, appalled by the abhorrently liberal lifestyle of the Pogs, have been bent on invading their neighbours’ island to institute a proper sense of order, however, the Pogs defend their island, and their happy way of life, with great enthusiasm.

From The Book of Wildergorn

The Pogs' Defence

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