The Stormfish of Sool

Curiously, to the secret glee of the inhabitants and entirely unbeknown to the Grote, the Strakken, far from destroying the dwellings of Sool, are helping to nourish the city. The living Stalkhouses too, thrive on electricity and since the advent of the Grote's attacks, the people of Sool have discovered how to harness the Strakken bolts to augment the health of their stalkhouses with great floods of beneficial energy. 

Only the youngest children of Sool are fast enough to catch the Strakken lightning and guide the crackling energy with pin sharp accuracy to the eagerly awaiting stalk-buds.

It is dangerous work but the children are protected from the snapping jaws of the Hoodfish by the mindful, cat-like Koobas and as a last resort, to escape an overwhelming Strakken attack, they will jump from the terraces in the knowledge that as they plummet towards the ground one of the Bobols  will arrive, without fail, to rescue them. 

Such are some of the secrets of Sool!

From The Book of Wildergorn   

The Stormfish of Sool

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