From the Tower Mines of Skray, the River Torr winds its way southwards, following the path of a huge natural fissure as ancient as the land itself.  Navigation is perilous, for although slow moving, the waters conceal many rocks, and the channel often flows close to the cliff wall, where dangerous outcrops can snag a lengthy boom.

Some days’ journey downstream lies the industrious town of Watergorn; and at its heart, the Great Lock.

A familiar sight to the boatmen of Yennat, who frequently journey from the Tower Mines to Strake and Sevist, Watergorn has long been regarded as one of the wonders of Wildergorn - for nowhere else in the land can be seen such magnificent works of engineering skill.

Craftsmen, making full use of the water channelled down from the canyon rim, are famed for constructing the sturdy and colourful caravans of the Mollads - distant relations of the Sarads of Skray - who travel far and wide trading the town’s many coloured cloths for exotic foods and spices.

Watergorn is also home to the Munes - a race of birdmen native to the Torr Canyon.  Since time immemorial they have been the natural messengers of the city and can always be seen sweeping up to the highest towers to deliver memory beads, or off along the river to welcome approaching craft.


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