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The Gong Wizards

Atop each beacon hangs, as if suspended in mid-air, one of fourteen Gongs, each zealously guarded by a Gong-Keeper, and struck only in times of trouble or need.

The Gongs make no audible sound yet their mystic vibrations resonate silently along the Skray Lines, unnoticed by all but the Gong Wizards high in the Listening Tower of Astriel.  Day and night the Tower is manned by  a rotating watch of four wizards who listen through two giant amplifying horns. In the upper chamber of the Listening Tower, the sources of Gong strikes are plotted and missions planned.  Then from the terraces of Astriel, the Gong Wizards fly out on their sorties across the length and breadth of Wildergorn.

From The Book of Wildergorn


The Gong Wizards

    • A mysterious and mesmerising world to explore for intrepid adult colourists. Each GIANT 27”x 40” Wildergorn Colour-In Poster depicts a scene from the strange and intriguing world of Wildergorn. Therapeutic and relaxing to colour, these immersive and creative journeys will help to take your mind off everything for days, weeks ... even months!


    • Exquisitely produced in England by The School Lane Press, the posters are printed on high quality 180gsm cartridge paper and can be coloured with felt-tip pens, gel pens, brush pens, coloured inks, watercolours,  coloured pencils ... in fact just about anything you like. Whatever you choose we recommend equipping yourself with the broadest range of colours possible for maximum creative freedom.


    • Hand signed by you, your poster will become a unique work of art and, framed and displayed, an iconic and majestic record of your intrepid expedition to capture the colours of the world of Wildergorn.


    • A beautiful creative gift: A set of Wildergorn postcards is included with every poster for practise, pen-testing and sending to friends.Each poster is prepared and packaged with care and presented in a handsome, midnight-blue tube, further protected by a tough outer protective mailing tube to ensure that it reaches its destination safely. N.B. Prints can be rolled together in the same tube to save on shipping costs: Contact Chris at admin@wildergorn to enquire.


    • If you don’t have enough space for a giant poster, then look out for The Book of Wildergorn: the Wildergorn drawings by Jamie Courtier gathered together into one majestic A3 size luxury hardback edition: perfect for colouring on the sofa!



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