Tower Mine

At the source of the River Torr, beneath the Creeg mountains in the north west of Wildergorn, the land is riven with great fissures of many shapes and sizes.  

This land of  chasms, wrought by subterranean upheavals long before the flicker of life appeared in Wildergorn, is named The Skray, and is inhabited by the Sarads and the Tower Miners.  The Tower Miners have constructed tall towers around which a lacework of aqueducts and barrow-bridges give them access at all levels to the mines hewn into the rock faces of the chasms.  In these mines the Tower Miners search for and excavate the strange subterranean fruit called Pellin or Moonfruit - known and valued throughout Wildergorn for its magically potent power to heal and cure all manner of wounds and sickness.

Tower Mine

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