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The Book of Wildergorn: Traditional luxury colouring.


There are colouring books and there are colouring books ... and then there is THE BOOK OF WILDERGORN. Bringing together all of the scenes recorded by artist and explorer Jamie Courtier during his expeditions to Wildergorn, along with his handwritten notes to explain the sometimes baffling going- on, the majestic A3 size (32cm x 42cm) BOOK OF WILDERGORN is a mysterious and mesmerising voyage of exploration for intrepid adult colourers. By gently contemplating each intricate detail you will find yourself being drawn into this hypnotic and curious world. If ever you wanted to escape from everything then now's the time to dive right into THE BOOK OF WILDERGORN



For ease of use, the silver metal binding allows the book to fold back on itself like a sketchbook and with sturdy gloss-laminated covers, a beautiful red satin bookmark, and 32 colouring pages printed on beautiful high-quality card, the book can be coloured with markers, gel pens, brush pens, coloured inks, watercolours, coloured pencils ... just about anything you like. Exquisitely printed and bound in England by Hartgraph of Amersham, the pages are double-sided, so we have chosen a fine-surfaced heavyweight 300gsm uncoated card that is thick enough to prevent most types of ink penetrating the page. To help you check that your inks are suitable we've included a blank page at the back of the book, where you can try out markers, and also a set of Wildergorn postcards so that you can test out your pens and have some practice before setting out in earnest.



Each book will become a unique work of art, a treasured heirloom and an iconic record of your own expedition to capture the colours of Wildergorn. Hand-wrapped then carefully packaged in a sturdy box to ensure it arrives safely at its destination, all shipments are tracked and all materials are recyclable. If you want to stretch your imaginative colouring skills on an even grander scale, then check out the classic range of GIANT Wildergorn Colour-In Posters by Jamie Courtier.


The Book of Wildergorn: Traditional luxury colouring.

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