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Great news! The Book of Wildergorn is back
and so is the full range of classic posters! 

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Over the last 6 weeks we have shipped several hundred Books and Posters of Wildergorn  to a whole flotilla of Ferry passengers who are now embarking on their own adventures in Wildergorn. If you are one of the stragglers who have reserved a ticket but haven't yet embarked on your journey now would be a good time to order.

We are very proud to be now working with Hartgraph, the meticulous printers of the Book of Wildergorn. Hartgraph will be distributing all of our products and we now have plenty of stock to fulfil all reservations and more.

Postage: We are very aware of the high shipping costs and although prices for individual items are set by Royal Mail, if you are purchasing multiple books or posters please contact us for further options.

Just an email to say I received my book on Friday and oh my god, it’s just amazing. Thank you so much and hope there will be more in the future.

Short one to let you know the book  arrived last night! It arrived in perfect condition. No dents on the outer packaging. 

The book is gorgeous Jamie! Amazing linework. Might look at it for awhile before I colour it.    It now has its new home on our coffee table. Thank you for the postcards! Might do those first and put it up on fb. 

Will drop you another email when posters arrive. So looking forward to them.


The artwork on the posters are amazing. So glad I ordered all of them! Each one is unique. Love them all! They are all stretched out on my table and fast asleep. Will probably frame them up uncoloured. Will get to them individually while the rest are framed up.

Thanks again for the refund (£96.00*) and all the trouble.

Kind regards and greetings from sunny coast Australia!

*We shipped eight posters in two tubes to slash the postage costs!

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                                  So, my Wildergorn journey is now complete. I've travelled all the posters and now the book too!  The places I have visited were amazing, from the majestic plains of Astriel, to the conflicts of Pog Land, Wildergorn has been a fantastic adventure. I have dived with the Cave Fishers, flown winged creatures in Watergorn, and walked among the Stalkhouses of Sool. One of my favourite places was Sarad, and I would very much like to explore more there one day. My journey took eleven months and I'm so sad it's now over but I live in hope that I can return to Wildergorn soon as it has truly captured my heart!

Thank you Jamie for creating this wonderful series of posters and the book, it has been a joy to add colour to your creations.

Alison Vainlo


Thank  you Alison, for all of your extraordinary expeditions to capture the true colours of Wildergorn! I think by now you have spent as much or more time on your travels there as I have and the work that you have brought back has always been truly magnificent.

You are, without doubt, one of the finest explorers known to the Gong Wizards and White Hats of Astriel and I would be honoured, and look forward, to catching the Ferry to Wildergorn again with you in the future.

Warmest wishes,


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